Our History

White Spot Restaurants has a passion for using the freshest & finest ingredients. And it all began with a hustling visionary named Nat Bailey, who started what is arguably the most enduring, most successful restaurant chain in North America.

The Hustler Years 1928-1938

It all started with a man & his truck. The man was Nat Bailey, his truck was a 1918 Model T, which he transformed into a travelling lunch counter to serve hungry sightseers at Vancouver’s Lookout Point. Nat’s energy & passion for service set the stage for the first White Spot drive-in, which he opened in 1928 on Granville Street at 67th Avenue in Vancouver.

The Expansion Years 1938 - 1949

By the late 1930s, everyone in Vancouver recognized Nat & his trademark bow-tie. On any given night at White Spot, a celebrity might be dining, an anniversary party might be in full swing, or a young couple might be enjoying their first date.

The BOOM Years 1949 - 1960

10,000 cars a day. 110,000 guests a week. And that was way back in 1955. White Spot was a quarter of a century old and growing fast. In the spirit of this quick pace, White Spot opened one of the largest commissaries in Western Canada.

The Transition Years 1960 - 1982

In the sixties, the Triple “O” burger was bigger than ever among British Columbian teenagers. A White Spot drive-in was the “in” place to congregate: kids crammed into their parents’ cars for an evening cruise to The Spot. Now comprised of 10 locations, White Spot also got a facelift. Out went the original logo. In came an updated design.

Being the Best 1982 - 1993

During Expo ’86, White Spot was the host restaurant at the BC Pavilion. It opened two concepts, one of which hosted visiting dignitaries such as Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the other served guests from around the world.

Alberta Bound 1993 - 2003

White Spot expands into Alberta & the chicken doesn’t survive the logo re-design. The launch of the new identity provided a fresh new look on the outside. Granville Island begins brewing beer exclusively for White Spot – the Nat Bailey Pale Ale & Lager. To go with the new brew, White Spot introduced lounges offering guests a more social setting with a variety of alcohol offerings that appeal to a younger target market.

The Legend Continues 2003 - Present

While the award-winning Triple “O” burger, shakes & fresh cut fries are still wildly popular, our guests today are just as likely to rave about fabulous fresh salads, pastas, steaks & chicken. And all White Spot Restaurants now offer a wide selection of beverages including a variety of wines, martinis, margaritas, Caesars and the ever-popular Nat Bailey Pale Ale & Lager.

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